As an early adopter of the Freefly MoVI, Robot Village strives to perfect the craft of camera movement by specializing in this platform while pushing it to the highest level possible through the use of custom support solutions.

For more information or for booking inquiries please contact Andrés Torres. :: 302.753.3672
MoVI Dolly
Our MoVI Dolly is highly portable, and can be handled by a single operator. The system emulates a Fisher or Dana Dolly, but with unhindered freedom of motion without the weight and size.
(All focus in this showreel was pulled by a solo MoVI operator using the Redrock microRemote Fingerwheel Controller. Footage is ungraded S-Log3.)
MoVI Operator: Andrés Torres // Robot Village // Reels
1st AC :: Ian-Mosley Duffy //​​​​​​​
MoVI + Easyrig

Robot Village teams up with director Ben Pickup to capture student profiles for the prestigious University of Wharton San Francisco campus. With the Freefly MoVI 10 in Majestic mode, we captured the students and stars of our stories with similar production value to a Steadicam on a feature film.

(All focus in this showreel was pulled by the MoVI M10 operator with the Redrock MicroRemote Fingerwheel Controller.)
Director: Ben Pickup //
MōVI Operator: Andrés Torres // Robot Village // Reels

Filmed at the Rockefeller Center in New York.
MoVI Operator :: Andrés Torres // Robot Village // Reels
1st AC :: Sean Emer //

MoVI Jib
Our MoVI jib kit allows you to easily execute jib + dolly combination moves. The MōVI does a fantastic job of stabilizing unwanted jib shake and vibrations and the proof is in the footage. The Cinevate Axis Jib with all-terrain wheels is the perfect match for the MoVI allowing for speedy setups, portability (can be pushed through most doorways, and robust reliability, supports 50 lbs payloads). Combine with the MIMIC tripod control and execute complex moving shots with precision accuracy.
The MoVI Jib expands creative options, expanding movement in more dimensions. Any combination of push/pull, slide, and boom is now possible. Any MoVI op will tell you the slowest moves are often the most difficult to execute. With the jib, these moves no longer require the strength and finesse of an operator to carefully glide the MoVI.
These MoVI selects were from a project commissioned by the Dassault Falcon brand which is part of Dassault Aviation, the only company in the world that designs, manufactures and sells both fighter jets and business aircraft. The jib was the perfect tool to capture the Dassault supply warehouse and their trained service technicians who distribute parts globally to keep the Falcon fleet airborne.
**The shots of the jet in the hangar were filmed in what I like to call "Inline-Skate Mode."
Production Company: Planet Ten //
Director: George Murphy
Director Of Photography: Andrés Torres // Robot Village // Reels 
1st AC: Paul Hinson //
Jib Operator // Josef Jozefowski //
MoVI Vehicle Jib
Our vehicle jib platform emulates a traditional Russian Arm, yet with a significantly lower cost to book.
Director: Mike Pfeifer //
Director of Photography: Jason Prezant //
MoVI Operator: Andrés Torres // Robot Village // Reels
AD : Eric Silver //
Gaffer: Joe Hennigan //
Grip: Steve Niguyen
PA: Josh Johnson
DIT: Sam Molloy
BTS Cinematographer: Nash Chellappoo
Cooke miniS4/i Primes
MoVI M15
MoVI Controller
1A Tools Alpha Wheels
Matthews Intel-A-Jib™
Kessler Pocket Jib PRO / K-Pod with All-Terrain Wheels
RTMotion Lens Control System (MK3.1)
Teradek Bolt Pro 300 Wireless
Flanders Scientific CM171 17.3" Reference Monitor
Flanders Scientific BM090 9" Monitor

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