We not only have the gear to get the shot, but the experience to back it up. We test our gear with a variety of gear configs, road, and weather conditions to make sure everything is working optimally before shoot day. Our tools emulate traditional methods of the past, yet with a significantly lower cost to book.
Director: Evan Wawrzyniak // https://www.instagram.com/avgenthusiast/?hl=en
Director of Photography: Eric Silver // https://www.instagram.com/ericsilv3r
1st AC: Gino Varisano // http://www.ginovarisano.com
MoVI Operator: Andrés Torres // https://medium.com/@robotvillage/robot-village-reels-678c1f2cb81f
Grip/Gaffer: Levi Sherman // https://www.instagram.com/levisherman

Cooke miniS4/i Primes
MoVI M15
MoVI Controller
1A Tools Alpha Wheels
Kessler Pocket Jib PRO / K-Pod with All-Terrain Wheels
RTMotion Lens Control System (MK3.1)
Paralinx Arrow Plus 1:2 Package
Flanders Scientific CM171 17.3" Reference Monitor
Flanders Scientific BM090 9" Monitor

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